Thursday, April 12, 2007

Neighborhood poisonings

In other related news to my cat Estrella poisoning, three weeks ago I adopted my first puppy ever.... which has also been poisoned and has been in the vet clinic since Monday. He hasn't eaten any solid food since then and it is still unclear when will he be able to come back home. These poisonings are just the latest in a long string of animal poisonings in my neighborhood. Last year another one of my cats died from it along with at least two more neighborhood cats and one dog. I managed save Rah, my tomcat, even though he was already in his death throws when I found him by pure chance (I managed to take him to the clinic just in time.) Since then he had another poisoning (another poison) and is now suffering from chronic renal failure. This year we had another neighborhood cat die just last month. And now this... This time I have located between 6 and 8 food baits with poison, all one or two houses from mine. Couple of months ago I have also found bait inside of my own garden. So far we have no idea who's doing the poisoning.

Ok, that's it for today's bad news. Next up - something I *wanted* to blog about today.

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