Monday, March 05, 2007

Upcoming ApexSQL Log 2005.04

We are in the final stages of releasing ApexSQL Log 2005.04 to our QA team. In the previous versions the bulk of improvements were in 64-bit support and in recovery process while auditing has sort of taken a backseat. But this upcoming version will bring some very serious improvements on the auditing end, especially with the infamous (at least in our little world of transaction log auditing) UPDATE reconstruction problem (which has been a very exciting problem to solve, in a geekish sort of way of course :) I invite those that weren't very happy with UPDATE auditing in the past to check it out once the new version is out. Beside this we have further improved BLOB recovery process (adding full support for new VAR*(MAX) types in SQL Server 2005) and we generally improved reliability, performance and memory footprint. All in all, I hope this new version will be a real boon for our customers.

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