Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Going multi-monitor

Yesterday I have received my DELL 2007FP monitors! Here's a shot:

So far it has been a joy to work with and I'm really happy I have chosen two 20" 1600x1200 screens over one 24" 1920x1200 one. This is my primary development machine and it feels great to run VS2005 on one screen with Management Studio, Firefox, IE7, VMWare and MSDN Library running on the other!

First thing I did though was to install a trial of UltraMon. It's a great utility and unless something catastrophic happens with it I will buy it soon. The only thing so far that I wish it would do and it doesn't is show Alt+Tab window on both monitors, not just on the primary.

I also needed a new keyboard so I ran out and bought Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (I sure hope they don't keep adding new adjectives to their product names.) I love Microsoft Natural keyboards and I have been using them happily for over 7 years now. I've been through three of them so far; my keyboards do heavy mileage (although one is still alive on another PC). On the other hand, I'm still using the good old Microsoft Intellisense Optical mouse - it's over 6 years old now and it still works great (although I'll admit that I've been eyeing a new one.)

In the background you can see my faithful HP notebook. It's almost two years old now so I will need to upgrade it soon. It runs Outlook, IM, Office and it collects general clutter. I develop on it only rarely.


ggasp said...

Ah, living la vida loca. Congratulations! Just put or and I'll be really compelled to try to imitate you.
In the photo is evident also that you're left handed, being right handed my self, I would use VS on the left monitor same as you!

Ivan Erceg said...

Actually, I'm right handed - I just started using the mouse with my left hand 5 or 6 years ago. I find that it's much more comfortable to work like that because it leaves my right hand on the keyboard so I have access to the cursor buttons, return button, page up/down, begin/end, numerical keyboard and so on at the same time I have access to the mouse. This combination is much faster to use for me *and* I get to rest my right hand more so the workload is more evenly distributed between the hands.

But I do this only on the desktop. On the notebook I switch back to using touch pad with my right hand. The movements between the mouse and the keyboard are much shorter there.

Ramon Arellano said...

Looks great! I'm thrilled having just one of those 20" 1600x1200 monitors.

Strangely I had the exact same experiences as you when it comes to using left hand for the mouse on the desktop, and right hand on the mousepad for the notebook.

Anonymous said...

You have gone multi-geek