Monday, June 26, 2006

ApexSQL Log 2005.02 has been released

We have posted the new version of axLog - 2005.02. Here are the release notes for it:
RELEASE 2005.02
DATE: 26 June 2006
DESCRIPTION: Major Enhancement/Fix release


- Added "User Id" and "Login Time" columns to grid.
"User Id" column shows either UID or SID depending on
SQL Server version.
"Login Time" column shows the time of the login of the
connection on which the transaction was made.
- Added selection of available transaction log backups.
- Added selection of heterogenous log sources to GUI.
- Added in Row Details icons indicating columns that are
part of table's clustered index or primary key.
- Added difference viewer for UPDATE operations.
- Added internal viewer of column values for INSERT and
DELETE operations.
- Added column level regular expressions filter for tables
in log operations grid.
- Added support for user defined types (non-CLR).
- Added milliseconds to to/from filters in CLI.


- Limited the number of rows recovered by Recovery Wizard
during product evaluation.


- A problem with user filtering (MAJOR FIX)
- A major performance issue (MAJOR FIX)
- A problem with CLR user defined types (MAJOR FIX)
- A problem with IS NULL row filter when used from GUI.
- A problem with reading of aborted transactions.
- A problem with showing application tab in task bar.
- A problem with opening new filtered log.
- A rare problem with remote installation failing on
local server.
- A rare problem with UPDATE reconstruction.
- A problem with remote online transaction log auditing
with files over 2Gb in size.
- A rare problem with server side logs not being found
in system32 folder.
- An unhandled exception thrown by Field Values Filter
with no continuation operator.
- A problem with BLOB fields appearing in UNDO/REDO
- A problem with REDO/UNDO not taking into account the
primary key on tables with no clustered index.
- A rare problem with row reconstruction.
- A rare problem with dropped table recovery when
recovering from online database data.
- A problem with adding servers with expired trial version
to the server tree.
- A problem with copying from REDO/UNDO tabs to clipboard.
- A problem with closing log window.
- Several minor GUI issues.
This release was all about fixing any problems that were reported in the last 3 and so months since the relase of 2005.01 but we also added some enhancements. Two biggest enhancements are User ID and Login Time columns in the audit grid and support of heterogenous transaction log sources in GUI (it was already suppored in CLI) The next major release will be all about new features and improvements. I can tell you that this next version has been in development for some time now and should be out in Q3. I will blog more on upcoming features soon - there is a lot of stuff already done and much more in the works.

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